Starting Over

This is a picture of a broccoli plant that I grew within the enclosure of the last place we lived when we lived in the country. I loved this place and hate the fact that we lost it.

It is not that we did anything wrong. At one point we had a fifty percent equity in our 63 acres and three bedroom home and yet we still lost our home. It was the perfect storm. Both my husband and I lost our jobs in 2007 and it was a bad time for finding a new one. We tried everything we could to make a go of it. We sold things at a local flea market. I even baked bread. It was barely enough to cover gasoline and utilities. We sold the timber off our land and that helped us for a while. But the money we got from the sale didn’t last us very long. We lost our car because we couldn’t make the payment. A friend gave us a used one so that we could get around. We were grateful for the help. Our home was foreclosed upon. Again we had help, my brother let us move in with him.

We lived there for two years. During that time, my husband had several part time, poorly paying jobs and I went back to school. My husband then went back to driving truck full time and we decided to move to Springfield, Missouri. I have recently accepted a position in an insurance company. Life is looking up. But I still want to move back to the country. But my plan this time isn’t to try to work while I live there. Instead my goal is to retire there, out of debt, and with the skills in which to sustain myself. Over the years I have learned that the destination isn’t the most important part of any experience, but it is the journey that helps grow us. I am inviting you to join me on this journey and in the process, I hope that you will grow from my experience as I know I will. I invite you to join me not only here on this blog, but please feel free to visit my facebook page at